Who we are

Sportyou came into being in 2008 as part of La Estrategia de Chapman, fruit of our passion for sport and for journalism, and the joining of these two elements with new technologies.

We are a communications medium that stands out from the rest owing to its being different, one that gives a voice to its readers via one of our principal diffusion channels, social networks. News, opinion, subjects of our own, and a fresh approach, mean we can offer ourselves as an alternative to the mainstream media.

Sportyou.es began a policy of expansion, and now it is the turn of id.sportyou.com.

At Sportyou we want you to be the best informed: from football to motor sports, without leaving aside the most relevant stories from all the other disciplines and giving space to all the leading figures.

With the aim of carving out a space for ourselves among the top sports dailies in the world, we decided to make our front pages one of our signs of identity, features that have become a standard-bearer of our project, indispensable on the mobiles, tablets and computers of all of our users.

Around the same time as our launch came the second European Championship won by Spain and, since then, we have lived through the many successes of La Roja, including the first World Cup. Barça’s glorious period, under Guardiola’s stewardship, Mou’s Madrid, the ‘Décima’ conquered by Ancelotti, the period of ‘Cholismo’ at Atlético, Eurobasket gold medals, Lorenzo and Márquez’s World Championships and countless Olympic medals won in exciting fashion at the Games in Beijing and London.

Sport is our driving force, and Sportyou is the vehicle in which we forge ahead and have fun on our trip through the world.

Sportyou: the best spot to follow sport from

Kick-off times for LaLiga, all Champions League and Europa League news, the Copa del Rey and all the national and international football calendar, with a special focus on the Premier League, the Scudetto and the French Ligue, as well as emerging leagues that everyone will be talking about soon, such as the United States MSL and the Chinese Super League.

Get all the best information on the NBA, in Spanish, through our spectacular videos, photos and stories of the great stars of yesteryear, today and always: from Stephen Curry to Lebron James, passing through Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Follow with us the excitement of Formula 1, the World Motorcycle Championship, all the great annual sporting events: Olympic Games, European Football Championships, World Cups, and live the triumphs of your teams and your country’s sportsmen and women through a young and exciting media outlet, one that has the ambition of being different from the rest, as Sportyou does.